Stones which can't be captured - Make 2 Eyes!

Black's heaven again - the white player will not answer you.
However, be on the lookout for illegal moves.

Stones which can't be captured

As you may have noticed in the last example, even groups of many stones can be dead once they are surrounded.

For example, in the figure below, the black stones are surrounded completely - nowhere to escape - just waiting to be killed by white's move in the center.

But what about this case below?

Although black is surrounded, white can't capture black. There are still 2 places to kill black group - they are both surrounded by black where white can't play.

Therefore, once you make 2 separate spaces, or 2 eyes, your stones will never be captured.
Such group of stones is said to be alive.

Black's heaven again.

Could you capture them?

I bet you couldn't! They are all alive because they each have 2 eyes.


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