39 Kyu Problems

If, unfortunately, a group of your stones becomes surrounded, try to survive on the inside.

That is, try to get two eyes.

If you still don't understand the concept of 2 eyes, go back.

Here, you will learn the concept of a false eye - it seems to be an eye but actually it isn't.

In the figure below, does the black group have two eyes?

There is an eye at F5.
D5 seems to be an another eye because it is surrounded with 4 stones nearby.

However, it is not an eye because C5 is in Atari and you have to connect at D5.

Thus you have only one eye - which means death.

We call the eye like D5 a false eye.

Try not to make a false eye.

Both two eyes are still unclear.

Black is almost surrounded.

Try to live there.

For beginners, it is very difficult to judge if an eye is true or false one.


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