The Interactive Way To Go is now over.

I hope that you can now appreciate that Go is really an interesting and an exciting game.
Now, what do you have to do to keep playing Go and get stronger?

1. Play Games

Go is a game. Have fun by playing as much as possible. You will learn a lot from just playing.

If there is nobody to play with, then go to the Internet Go servers.

We have several Go servers in the net.

You can also play with computer programs. Several products are out there. Go playing programs are generally very weak but you can enjoy for a while. Igowin is one of the best software for beginners. It's free but only for Windows.

2. Observe games

On the Go servers, you can watch other people playing Go. You can learn a lot by observing strong players' games.

Learning from professional players' games is the fastest way to get stronger.

3. Solve problems

The Life and Death problems are problems on how to kill or survive a group of stones locally on the board. There are many valuable techniques there.

The End


I really appreciate Tel Monks, who helped me to check all the English pages of this tutorial.
His site, Tel's Go Notes, is also good for beginners who want to know more about strategy, concepts, and life and death problems.

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