50 Kyu Problems

Capture Opponent's Atari stones!

You can click on the board and take the opponent's stones.

If you see the word failed, just "retry" until you get the success message below the board.

Here, a 9 x 9 board is used. Normally, a 19 x 19 board is used. The smaller board is recommended for beginners.

Black's turn. Capture the white stone in atari.

Black's turn. Two white stones are in atari. Capture them with one move!

If the above board image seems incorrect, please click on the gray area.

Black's turn. Even if there are other stones nearby, just do the same.

Just repeat above problems until you understand completely.
If you do, I grant you 50 Kyu - the lowest rating of my personal rating system :)

About the ranking system of Go

In the amateur Go world, 30 kyu is usually the lowest rank. The smaller the kyu, the stronger the player.
Above 1 kyu comes 1 dan. As the dan number increases, it gets stronger.
Dan players are considered to play very well.


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