One Point Jump

Here, you will learn how to play when white and black stones are not directly attacking each other.

This is the time for you to make moves that strengthen your position, preparing for the future war or making some territory.

This move (D5) is called One Point Jump( or Ikken tobi).

The jumping move to D5 is almost connected to D3. Thus, such move can be used in many ways like attacking, defending, or escaping.

Another Go proverb: No One Point Jump is a bad move.

Just make a One Point Jump if you have no idea where to play.

If white plays a move close to your position, a One Point Jump is well recommended.

This move defends your stone at C3 while obtaining the territory on the left.

If you ignore white's approach at E3 and play at some irrelevant places such as G7, your stone at C3 may be attacked from both sides.


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